Baby Photographer Los Angeles

Baby Photographer Los Angeles

Your baby’s first photo likely occurred just an hour after birth in the hospital. The photo is probably a less than desirable way to let family members and friends know of the birth of your child. Instead, consider having a professional newborn portrait done by a baby photographer in Los Angeles. A professional photographer is able to take a beautiful photo of your newborn that captures his or her own individual splendor.

When to Have Newborn Photos Taken

It is generally best to have newborn photos taken during the first week after the baby’s birth. The baby will be best typically between days 4 through 6. This means that you should schedule a session before your baby is born so you can be sure to get an appointment with a baby photographer in Los Angeles during this important time.

Babies are sleep and flexible during the first week and therefore take the best photos. They can be posed into different positions without problems so they will always look their best. These young babies are usually sleepy and when they sleep it can be deep making it helpful for a good photo shoot. If you miss this window of opportunity don’t worry. Newborn babies that are between 2 to 3 weeks of age are also extremely photogenic.

Baby Photographer in Los Angeles

Professional newborn photos are the perfect way to record the arrival of your new little bundle of joy. A photo session with a baby photographer in Los Angeles is a special experience. Your infant will be photographed in the best possible conditions and you can rest assured that our team will always tend to your baby at all times while you watch the photo shoot. Your baby’s safety is our utmost concern.

At Laura Jane Studios we specialize in newborn, children and family photos. Our newborn photos are beautiful. Our studio is clean and sanitary and set up specifically for a newborn photo shoot. We have a flexible schedule so you can schedule your due date and then let us know when the birth occurs. That way we can easily fit you into our studio within the next week.

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You’ll fall in love with some of the newborn photos we have taken in the past. Visit our website to view some of our favorite photos. We strive to create photographs that are unique and stunning. They highlight your baby’s own unique appearance in a tasteful and beautiful way. There is no better way to capture these first moments of life than with a professional photo. If you like we can take photos with an older child or a complete family photo as well.

Take a look at our high quality work and you will see why our customers are always highly satisfied. We ensure that each photo provides an adorable view of your newborn, captured in a way that only we can do. Visit our website online to learn more about our photography and to schedule an appointment at




Baby Photographer Los Angeles

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