Newborn Photography In Los Angeles

Newborn Photography In Los Angeles

Your newborn is the most amazing little human on earth and there will never be another chance to capture this beautiful tiny baby as a newborn. If you are looking for a unique and amazing photo of your brand new baby consider having professional newborn photography in Los Angeles. The best time to get photos of your brand new baby is during the first week of life and ideally during the 4th or 5th day. The next window of opportunity is during the second or third weeks of life. 

Newborn Photography in Los Angeles

When you want to schedule newborn photography in Los Angeles you should do so during the pregnancy. Laura Jane Studios offers a flexible schedule to accommodate every newborn parent’s needs. Simply reserve your photo session using the due date and then once the baby is born you can call and firm up the date and time.

At Laura Jane Studios we love babies and we understand how to take the best photos! We use a number of amazing and adorable poses that can only be accomplished when an infant is very new to the world. Only during this short window of time will the baby have the perfect combination of sleepiness and flexibility and actually enjoys being placed in the fetal position. We use these characteristics to our best advantage to create optimal photos that are unique and beautiful.

What to Expect at a Professional Photography Session

First and foremost we understand the importance of the safety of your tiny newborn baby. Our studio is clean and sanitary so there are no worries about bringing you infant here. We are very careful with your baby. Our studio sets are specially designed to be safe and secure for your baby throughout the shoot. You will be on hand to observe the newborn photography in Los Angeles.

You can view many of our professional newborn photos online to get an idea of our artistic and creative photos. We know exactly how to capture the innocence of your baby’s first week here on the planet. Laura is an extremely skilled photographer who takes pride in creating special keepsake photos that will be passed down through the generations.

In addition to viewing some of our favorite photos you will also be able to read testimonials from some of our other happy parents. Our unique photos are exactly what you need to help welcome your little one into your family. We provide you with a variety of options so you can choose the photos that you prefer.

If you are interested in having newborn photos taken it is essential that you reserve your spot as early as possible. Our time is flexible but weeks book up quickly. We want to make sure that we are available to help you celebrate the birth of your new addition. We also offer photos with older children and adults for fantastic family memories. We are available to create the photographs that you will love. You can learn more about our photography and book a reservation online at

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Newborn Photography In Los Angeles Newborn Photography In Los Angeles Newborn Photography In Los Angeles Newborn Photography In Los Angeles