7 New Mom Stresses (And How to Deal)

Being a new mom is hard – and it’s the kind of hard that only other mamas really understand. You’re hit with a constant barrage of emotions (thanks a lot, hormones and lack of sleep!), but the good news is that you’re not alone. Millions of moms before you, and millions of moms after you, will get on the same rollercoaster; and even better, you’ll soon be in a position to help even newer moms just by saying, “I’ve been there.”

It’s rewarding and terrifying. It’s exciting and draining. It’s the most intense experience you’ll ever have.

For many new mamas, the stresses follow the same themes. These are some of the most common.

7 Common “New Mom” Stresses

The most common stresses new moms have involve:
• Extra baby weight
• Not being able to keep up with household chores
• Not knowing how to cope with crying
• Not quite trusting their own instincts
• Sleep deprivation
• Wanting a break
• Worrying about adult relationships

Worrying About Extra Baby Weight

In the beginning – especially when your hormones are still running wild and you’re operating on virtually no sleep at all – it feels like losing baby weight is next to impossible. It’s hard to carve out an hour for a workout (and a shower, too? Forget about it), but experts suggest that new moms break up workout time in short, 10- to 15-minute segments throughout the day. A brisk walk with baby, a run around the neighborhood, or living room yoga early in the morning can work wonders for your mood and your fitness level.

Not Keeping Up With Household Chores

It’s hard to keep up with a new baby and household chores – and for many moms, that means hiring someone to help. You don’t have to hire a full-time housekeeper; someone stopping by once every two weeks can make a huge difference. The time you would’ve had to carve out for dusting and vacuuming is an investment in your little one. But if hiring help isn’t in the cards, try to do a few things at a time rather than worrying about cleaning the house from top to bottom in a several-hour burst.

Not Knowing How to Cope With Crying

Your little one cries, and it’s completely natural for you to freak out a little bit. You may not trust your own instincts (see the next point below – that one’s a doozy) or you might worry that crying is somehow going to damage your baby. Here’s the bottom line, though: Crying is your baby’s job, and it’s how he or she communicates with you. As adults, we only cry when something’s really wrong… but babies show no such restraint. They cry when they’re hungry, when they’re wet, or even just when they’re bored or need attention. Still other infants cry because they have colic, and if you suspect that’s the case with your baby, see your pediatrician – he or she can help you learn what else to do.

Not Trusting Your Own Instincts

There’s a lot of pressure on new moms to do things right, and one of those things is to listen to your gut. (If you haven’t heard this advice at least a hundred times before your due date, consider yourself lucky.) What if your gut is wrong? What if you read the signals wrong? What if you’re just… wrong? The good news: Your baby is a tiny extension of you, and you know what he or she needs. Try what you think will work best – and if it doesn’t work, try something else. All new moms go through a trial-and-error period, and we all make it through (and so do our kids).

Being Sleep-Deprived

Your hormones are fluctuating and it seems like as soon as you doze off, little No-Naps McGee is asking for a late-night snack. You’re officially sleep-deprived, which is really unhealthy… but what can you do? Sure, you can nap when your little one does – but what if you’re not a napper and can’t unwind during the day? Try going to bed earlier, trading night shifts with your partner, or asking your other half to care for the baby when he or she first wakes up in the morning.

Wanting a Break

Being a new mom – or even a seasoned professional of a mom – is hard, and it’s completely normal to want a break. And there’s good news about that: Taking a break will actually make you a better mom. Getting a little distance helps you keep your motherhood in perspective. Even better, babies are great at reading our feelings. When we’re happy, it rubs off on them.

Worrying About Adult Relationships

A lot of moms (and dads) worry that the addition of a new baby will change their relationship. It will, to an extent – but it can change for the better. Lots of happy couples swear by setting aside a weekly date night, which doesn’t even require a sitter; you can have a quiet dinner together after the baby’s in bed. The key is to make it a regular thing. Carving out time for each other is essential.

It Can Be Hard in the Beginning… But it Doesn’t Last Forever

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