about Laura

This is always the hardest part! You’d think I’d love to tell my story here, but it’s just plain awkward to write about myself. At the very least, here’s a little glimpse of who I am…

First off, I love my job. I am so lucky to spend a few hours snuggling your little one at this incredibly vulnerable time in your new family’s life. From the itty bitty details, the wisps of hair, the brand new skin, the sweet little puckers and comical noises they make when they’re dreaming… I love it all.

I’ve been photographing newborns since 2011, and exclusively working with newborns since 2013. We have about 100 sessions a year in my studio, and over the past few years we’ve really focused on how to make it as easy and smooth as possible for all our new moms and new families. I love getting to know every one of you, learning your story and becoming a part of it.

I’m a single mom to my two beautiful daughters, and my heart rises and sets with them. I adore being their mom, and they inspire me every day with their honesty, creativity, thoughtfulness… they’re just the coolest. And when I’m not being a mom or working in my studio, I do my best to fill up my life with all things positive and fun! Biking to the beach, creating art and sewing, snowboarding, yoga, and I always try to fit in some travel when I can. In 2017 I took my children backpacking around Thailand and Bali for 6 weeks, and it was life changing to say the least!

My studio is my sole income, and I work hard to keep it at it’s very best. I’m grateful for all our wonderful families every year, and I give every family my full attention and focus while you’re with me. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in my studio when your little one arrives!