Adele in the Bucket

This is the start of my very favorite series from last spring, and it was one of those shots that was just meant to be. The bright green bucket jumped out and grabbed me while I was shopping, and within a half an hour I had driven by an empty lot filled with clover and a white picket fence. The light bulb went off, I made a quick call, and the next morning we had little Adele in the bucket. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

I think what I love about these is how bright and happy they are. Adele, at 9 months old, had one of those personalities that was growing bigger each day. Putting her in in all that springtime green just seemed to be a perfect match.

After moving around graciously in the green, Adele suddenly decided she’d had enough. She’d made barely a peep for over an hour, but just as I got the perfect shot lined up – she looked at me and howled. It was hilarious, and I snapped one last frame before Momma Gisa took her away for naptime. I always love the funny shots, and this one cracks me up…

And last, this was just one of those moments. No spectacular setup, just safe and sweet in Momma’s arms. Her brown eyes are like little puddles of chocolate, they make me melt every time!