My girls

So you guys all probably know that my most difficult subjects now are my own little girls. After all the times I’ve asked them to work with me when I’m location scouting or trying something new, they’re just over it. It’s so ironic, but most of our photos are on my iphone because it’s the only way they’ll participate. Anyhow, yesterday I took them with me to check out a trail in Sherman Oaks where I’d like to shoot this weekend, and for once Lexie played along! Jackie wasn’t so into it, but just before we left she decided it might be worth it to let me have my way… my offer of a lollipop at home probably had something to do with it!

And it turns out I love this spot! Lots of green and over grown areas with little dirt trails and overhanging trees. It’s not well known so we didn’t see too many people, which is so nice when you’re working with kiddos who can be so easily distracted.