Baby Kate & Papa Sean

Since I’m working on filling in some of my favorite sessions that I never blogged about… here’s one that was a great learning experience with some lovely results. Little Kate arrived last summer, and she was the second newborn session I’d ever photographed. At the time I was working with studio lights, so the shots had that lovely and classic BW appeal. Little Kate spent most of the session in Sean’s hands… she was about 10 days old at the time, and was already opening her clever little eyes much too frequently for my purposes!

So Sean rocked and rocked her, and I snapped away, and in between her many squawks and protests we somehow captured the lovely and sleepy shots that we were hoping for. I particularly love her little mouth, perfect and heart shaped.

The learning part – since then, I’ve found that even just a few days matters with newborns! Sessions at about 5 or 6 days old are much easier and more peaceful. Also, I’ve switched to using natural window light, which gives a softer and fluffier feel to the setting. Still, though, I do love these shots so much. I’m always surprised at how big Kate’s eyes were, even when she was so brand new.


Sleeping on Papa’s magic shoulder.

But not for long…