Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer, Merry Christmas from Baby Carter!

Can I just say how much I love it when a family comes back to see me with their second little one? It’s the best, and I love seeing the firstborns come back for sibling pics too 🙂 Since Christmas is right around the corner, we had to get a pic of Carter and Rudolph, so sweet!

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Culver City Baby Photographer; Recent Cute Pics from some Favorite Newborn Sessions

Well, I’m gonna be honest here. I set up this blog in 2010, with all the best intentions of regularly blogging my work…

Ha! I should know myself better than that!

As it turned out, I tend to have my hands full (kind of crazy full actually), and posting new images just seems to be last on my neverending list. My little studio really took off in 2012, and we’re fully booked with newborns most weeks out of the year… so many images, so little time to share them!


Kaia (above) and Natalie (below), two little girls who had wonderful sessions this month, I’m hoping I can make time to share their images soon…


My goal for 2015 is to make my little studio run just the way I want, and I’m so happy to say we’re well on our way. Our turnaround time is great these days, with most families choosing images right after their sessions and then receiving their edited files within a week. I’m hoping again to start blogging sessions *gulp* every week, or at the very least twice a month… wish me luck!

And I’m taking a few moments this morning to share a smattering of my favorite images from the last 3-4 months…

Sweet twin girls, one of my favorite twin pics I’ve ever taken


Darling Adair, born just last month…

Adair-9623cropAdair-9726cropAdaira-9831Adair-0042Ever wonder about bringing your toddler along? This is Irene, such a proud sister, and her little sister Alex…. I wish all 2 year olds were this easy!


So many amazing sessions, too many to name this morning (I’m prepping for a shoot today too)…


This is Jupiter, one of my favorite little guys from 2014…


He *might* have been responsible for my recent obsession with baby bears…




Kadence, another sweet baby bear…



Lol, almost all our little ones wear a bear hat at some point, and I’m still not tired of them…


This is Isaac, a tough little guy with an incredible story. I met him at 8 weeks old and nearly 6 pounds, but he arrived unexpectedly when his Momma was just 28 weeks along. Such a fighter, and such a sweetheart! I was lucky to spend a day photographing him after they brought him home just last week, and I’m so thrilled that I could give this family the newborn images they were hoping for (thanks to Isaac for sleeping soundly for us)…


And last… we’ve finally added an option for our newborns to come back and visit!

We’re offering Mini sessions for returning families, usually around 4-5 months and 8-9 months, so stinkin’ cute! Carter-0330Carter-0138BWAudrey-3119cropAudrey-3100BWcropLysander-3927Lysander-3996Samuel-5461Samuel-5416Samuel-5409

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Laura Jane Studios on Facebook!

If you’d like to see my truly recent work, please do check out my studio Facebook page. I try my best to post new images there after each session, usually several times a week. And we are constantly evolving – adding new props, sets, textures, poses, and working on the details of posing and natural light…

Want to go there now? Just click HERENatalie-5548-3

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Fall Favorites, Newborn Photography in Los Angeles


This year we started offering Belly sessions in our studio, and it’s been so cool to meet a few of our families before their little ones’ arrivals. I’m just posting a couple of favorites from recent sessions, and hopefully I’ll find time to post a full set of Belly session images….


This has been such a big year for us, and it’s so exciting to look ahead at 2014! I am so grateful for so many things – all our wonderful families who bring us their precious brand new little ones, my amazing stylist Crystal who brings her creativity and warmth to my studio each day, and my editors, Aja & Matt, who help me keep on top of it all.

My New Year’s Resolution is to blog more! But I have to admit that’s been one of my resolutions every year since we started…

but at the very least I promise to keep trying!!     Lots of love and Happy New Year!  – LJ

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Merry Christmas!

We usually keep things simple here… we don’t do themes, we don’t use tutus and tiaras and costumes… I love to photograph newborns simply in organic and natural colors. But Crystal brought in her gorgeous handmade stocking and it was so perfect for our style. A little rustic, natural texture, and I love that this shot is still all about the baby. And for all our families with December babies, Christmas may come early when their little ones arrive!

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Charlotte… again

When Charlotte and her family arrived at our studio, her parents mentioned that they love to watch her wake up & smile… stretch & smile… yawn & smile… wiggle & smile… she just keeps finding new smiles. She had an amazing session, and right when we finished she woke up and showed me all the smiles they told me about. I spent just 5 minutes or so shooting nonstop smiles.

Lots of folks ask what happens if their baby doesn’t sleep during a session, and the truth is that I absolutely love photographing newborns awake too!

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