Big Blost post of Tiny Babies…

I have a little confession to make… this is my first blog post in over a year!

Last summer (2012), our little studio starting growing quickly and I’ve had an amazing year photographing so many tiny newborns. Working with so many babies has been wonderful for lots of reasons, and my approach and image style has evolved fairly quickly this year. New light, new lenses, and new post production, and I finally feel like my images are right where I want them to be.

I just spent this morning pulling some highlights from some of my favorite sessions from the past year, so happy to finally share them!

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Baby Chase

I finally have a few minutes to catch up on the blog and put up some recent favorites! This is Chase, photographed at just 6 days old, perfectly adorable in her squishiness… She’s the first little one to sleep on my coca cola box…

I love little sneezes…

 And then it was back to sleep and into the dairy bucket…A few shots in Mom & Dad’s hands, and then a little time with big sister Addison…

The Holiday Season

I can’t believe it’s that time already! The holiday season always sneaks up on all of us, and suddenly it’s time to get some new photos on the schedule… We’re expanding our schedule to accommodate the recent rush of emails we’ve received, and we’re offering special Holiday sessions and packages that are designed to fit in with your plans and your budget.

How does it work? It’s a shorter session, in one location, with a smaller session fee and a mid-size image collection. After your shoot, you’ll choose a package featuring a mix of Digital Images and Prints that you’re free to use for Holiday Cards and gifts. Canvases and Custom Studio Holiday Cards can be added as well! Family sessions only, not applicable to Newborn Sessions, sorry!

Please email [email protected] for details and we’ll send you the full scoop!

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see a few of my favorites from last year’s Holiday Family Sessions. These are all in one of my favorite spots in Culver City, but this year we’ll also be offering a variety of different locations around the LA area.


My girls

So you guys all probably know that my most difficult subjects now are my own little girls. After all the times I’ve asked them to work with me when I’m location scouting or trying something new, they’re just over it. It’s so ironic, but most of our photos are on my iphone because it’s the only way they’ll participate. Anyhow, yesterday I took them with me to check out a trail in Sherman Oaks where I’d like to shoot this weekend, and for once Lexie played along! Jackie wasn’t so into it, but just before we left she decided it might be worth it to let me have my way… my offer of a lollipop at home probably had something to do with it!

And it turns out I love this spot! Lots of green and over grown areas with little dirt trails and overhanging trees. It’s not well known so we didn’t see too many people, which is so nice when you’re working with kiddos who can be so easily distracted.

The Casey Kiddos

This is a session I’ve been wanting to blog all year, and the day has finally come! We shot this last January, and it was one of the first sessions I did entirely at the family home in Culver City. With 3 kids under age 5, I had my work cut out for me!

Lucky for me, Ava (age 5) has that special something that so many models have – every time she looked over at me, her big brown puppy eyes just devoured my camera and the shots were always amazing. Vince, age 3, has a ton of energy and had a great time all throughout our session. And little Leighton, at just 10 months old, was the most challenging of the three that day. But even though she was intent on crawling her little heart out, she’d always look up and give me her best expressions.

I’m so happy with their entire collection, and it turned out the biggest challenge was editing it down to a reasonable number! This is just a handful of my very favorites, and of course a few hilarious outtakes just for laughs…

Starting with a quintessential Ava moment:

Working with the window light in their living room

Some focused time with little Leighton

Who doesn’t love a baby in a bath?

Every parent wants a great shot of all the kids together, and of course it’s the hardest shot to get with little ones. Luckily, I have some experience with this and a few tricks up my sleeve. I really love this series, expecially when Leighton decided to get a taste of Vince’s ear!

Things were going so well, we thought – hey, let’s try for a shot of all 3 kids in the pretty white window sill. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? The big kids were just hanging around., looking cute, while we got Leighton ready.

But of course, as soon as we settled her into her spot, she let us know exactly what she thought about it!

Things got even better when Ava grabbed her brother by the face and planted a giant smacker square on his mouth. I couldn’t resist getting a shot of the big kiss, and then she turned and gave me just about the proudest look I’ve ever seen on a 5-year-old girl. Given that they’re siblings, I suspect these shots will show up again in another 25 years, maybe in their wedding dinner slideshows? Too funny!

And last, my favorite Ava face from this day. I love the blue sky and my silhouette in her eyes…

Adele in the Bucket

This is the start of my very favorite series from last spring, and it was one of those shots that was just meant to be. The bright green bucket jumped out and grabbed me while I was shopping, and within a half an hour I had driven by an empty lot filled with clover and a white picket fence. The light bulb went off, I made a quick call, and the next morning we had little Adele in the bucket. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

I think what I love about these is how bright and happy they are. Adele, at 9 months old, had one of those personalities that was growing bigger each day. Putting her in in all that springtime green just seemed to be a perfect match.

After moving around graciously in the green, Adele suddenly decided she’d had enough. She’d made barely a peep for over an hour, but just as I got the perfect shot lined up – she looked at me and howled. It was hilarious, and I snapped one last frame before Momma Gisa took her away for naptime. I always love the funny shots, and this one cracks me up…

And last, this was just one of those moments. No spectacular setup, just safe and sweet in Momma’s arms. Her brown eyes are like little puddles of chocolate, they make me melt every time!

Baby Kate & Papa Sean

Since I’m working on filling in some of my favorite sessions that I never blogged about… here’s one that was a great learning experience with some lovely results. Little Kate arrived last summer, and she was the second newborn session I’d ever photographed. At the time I was working with studio lights, so the shots had that lovely and classic BW appeal. Little Kate spent most of the session in Sean’s hands… she was about 10 days old at the time, and was already opening her clever little eyes much too frequently for my purposes!

So Sean rocked and rocked her, and I snapped away, and in between her many squawks and protests we somehow captured the lovely and sleepy shots that we were hoping for. I particularly love her little mouth, perfect and heart shaped.

The learning part – since then, I’ve found that even just a few days matters with newborns! Sessions at about 5 or 6 days old are much easier and more peaceful. Also, I’ve switched to using natural window light, which gives a softer and fluffier feel to the setting. Still, though, I do love these shots so much. I’m always surprised at how big Kate’s eyes were, even when she was so brand new.


Sleeping on Papa’s magic shoulder.

But not for long…